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There are some things that are too good to end at the turn of the final page, or the switching off of your console. There are some things that need to be celebrated more, because they make you a Happy Piranha.
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I think the title gives a little hint... but Happy Piranha candles not only LOOK incredible, but smell amazing too. They are such high quality products and I just can't get enough of them ❤️

Joanne F.

These candles look stunning, the labels are beautiful and so detailed. They also smell amazing, one sniff and you can tell what scents are being used. This has been my best experience with a store in the longest time... 

Charnell V.

The candles are high quality, perfectly poured and i love the little details. They all smell absolutely divine (not too strong, but not too weak). The order was packed carefully, shipped really fast and arrived even faster. Would definitely recommend to everyone. :)

Fiona Walkerbait

I loved my candles! Awesome smell, amazing colours, and super cute labels. On top of that, super good costumer service. Totally recommend this shop, and I'll buy again! 

Carla f Dionisio.

I am the happiest of all the Piranhas

Absolutely love your products and am very excited for the tea light range Sam keeps promising! 

Beth E.

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