Hello, We're Happy Piranha!

We’re one of two family run stores trying to stand out from the shoal on the dwindling local high-street. You can find us at 18 Pydar Street in Truro, Cornwall.

Josh and Sam when they were kids dressed as Batman.

There’s Josh and There’s Sam

We’re twins. We look sort of similar on the outside, but aren’t that similar on the inside, though we do share a fondness for the same things.

Fantasy, Sci-fi, adventure and gaming are all part of what makes us Happy Piranhas.

Life’s too serious to be taken seriously all the time, so we like to have fun where we can! We grew up with Pokemon, Nintendo, Zelda and Harry Potter - whoever didn’t missed out. We could add a lot more to that list, but it would take a while.

We grew up in St. Agnes, Cornwall, back when it was a sleepy village: When it had an abandoned film studios that we’d play hide and seek in. Before the fields next to our friend’s house were turned into homes that none of us can afford.

Fast forward to after secondary school and after a year of mostly World of Warcraft, we went to University, which meant going away.

Josh studied graphic design but didn't like it that much. He decided he'd rather design the things he enjoys instead of the fonts he was told to.

I studied marine conservation in York and liked it a bit more, but didn't see a piranha while diving. At least our name is nautical. so I haven't diverged too far…

Sam, Josh and their friend dressed as Ghostbusters.

Here's us dressed as Ghostbusters with our friend (also called Josh). I told him I was coming as Venkman…

Josh standing in the doorway of the store that is now Happy Piranha, holding the letting documents in his hand and doing a thumbs up gesture.

Then There’s Happy Piranha

In 2018 Josh decided to take the plunge and see what the dying high street was all about, so he got some keys to a brick and mortar store.

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Scaffolders working on the outside of Happy Piranha Café in Truro, Cornwall.

There's a Café Soon Too!

In our effort to pump some life back into the high-street, we’ve moved into the other empty building next door.

We refuse to let it go down without a fight. We remember when going into town used to be fun and not just a necessity. If we don’t try, it won’t even be that anymore.

So at some point, when we get round to it (it’s taking bloody ages), we’ll invite you along to Happy Piranha Café.

Happy Piranha Café
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Toady the shop dog laying on the floor and looking at the camera at the Happy Piranha store in Truro, Cornwall.

It's Not Just Us Though

Obviously as magnificent as we are, we can’t do it all ourselves and have a variety of friends, family, customers and staff who we’re grateful to have helping us out too.

Don't forget to say hi to them if you drop by… Especially Toady (our head of customer relations), he’s the hardest grafter.

I’d be Surprised if You’ve Read This Far

Anyway, that's enough about us and what we do and if you've made it this far you should probably get a gold star or something.

So, we invite you to come to our old stomping ground, where we used to hang out with that other guy dressed as a Ghostbuster (also called Josh) when we were growing up, and our other friends, some of whom were also called Josh. It seems Cornwall liked that name in the 90's.

You can find us at 18 Pydar Street, Truro, Cornwall in our store full of quirky, geeky, fun and unusual things. Bring your childish enthusiasm and leave your real world baggage at the door. Because you're never too old to stop liking what you do.