The Grand Plan

Happy Piranha, our shop in Pydar Street, Truro, opened in 2018. Our plan has always been to add a premium themed games venue alongside. After securing the properties on either side of our existing store, we opened Garden Geeks to our right in 2021, while starting work on our themed games venue to the left at the same time. This will be Piranha Café - next to our bubble tea outlet.

Chris and Sean from tin Squadron celebrating Chris' win of the Tin Squadron Tournament at Happy Piranha café.

A Café by Day and Clubhouse by Night

During the day, Piranha Café will open to the general public, a place where they can grab a drink or snack in one of our themed areas and play a board game if they wish. Members will have additional booking and game privileges during this period.

In the evenings, doors will be closed, with entry restricted to members and their guests only.

A close up of a game of the Star Wars X-wing Miniatures game  being plated at Happy Piranha café on a winter themed gaming mat.

Inclusively Exclusive

Our target audience will be more adult and less ‘mass market’. Our aim is to combine being inclusive with the better attributes of exclusivity.

Hopefully we’ll suit many, but we might not suit all, fortunately, there's are a number of other venues offering different things, so we hope to find our niche.

The Happy Piranha store has provided a good understanding of what our customers might be looking for. We’ve made many friends with a wide range of interests.

Our primary focus at the moment is board and tabletop games but we're most intrigued by people that have an ‘interest’ that they wish to share with others.

When Will it Open?

That's a good question and one we've kept having to change! The answer is, when it's ready, but hopefully some time this year.

We currently have some local clubs testing out the space and are a good portion of the way complete, but still have a fair bit of decorating to do until we can call it done and open officially to the public.