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Geeky Cornish Content Creators That We Like to Follow

Cornwall may be most renowned for its holidays and beaches to most, but it’s not just all sand and sleepy villages! Here’s a list of some of the Cornish based content creators that we enjoy following at Happy Piranha, to help satisfy our geeky itch.

From computer and board gamers, to cosplayers, Dungeons and Dragons, Miniature painting and Harry Potter enthusiasts, there’s a bustling community of geeky content creators in Cornwall that we think should be celebrated. Know any more you think we should check out? Let us know! We may update this list from time to time.

So, in no particular order, check these peeps out!

Dungeons & Dragons and Miniature Painting

The Dragonborn Bard

Ian, or the Dragonborn Bard is a Cornish Dungeon master whose enthusiasm for the hobby is as extensive as it is intoxicating. From printing and painting updates, to daily dice rolls, you can find @thedragonbornbard on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube too.

The Dragonborn Bard (Ian) Wearing Some Magnified Painting Glasses


If you like looking at pictures of cool painted minis, Leah @miniturenoodles is an Instagram account you should check out. Her bio says she’s a beginner, but her results say otherwise in our opinion!

A Spider Miniature Painted by Miniturenoodles

Little Goblin Girl

Steph, or @littlegoblingirl is a crafty D&D’er who you can find on TikTok chatting all things Dungeons and Dragons. You’ll sometimes see her painted blue or green and she makes some cute crafts too, some of which you can find on Etsy!

Steph AKA Little Goblin Girl on Instagram and TikTok

Life Inc Pete & Critically Average Adventures

You can find Pete (@life_inc_pete) on Instagram, he’s the Dungeon Master of Critically Average Adventures. From Dungeons and Dragons and board games, to other geeky bits and bobs, and some roller blading posts here and there on Pete’s Insta, you can find him DM-ing with his group at Critically Average adventures on YouTube too.

A Miniature Painted by Life Inc Pete

Board Games & Gamers

Punchboard reviews

If you like board games like us, Adam at @punchboarduk (Instagram) is our friendly neighbourhood board game reviewer and enthusiast. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter of course too, as well as his own website, for some more in depth board game reviews!

A Board Game Being Played by Punchboard Reviews

Bamberi Boards

Amber at @bamberiboards on Instagram is another awesome account representing the board game community in Cornwall. From reviews and suggestions to other board game related content, you can find Amber on TikTok and Twitter too. If you need more bard game content in your life (you do), give her a follow.

A Picture of a Board Game being Played by Bamberiboards

Soph Lea Gaming

Sophie (@soph_lea_gaming) is a Cornish gamer who’s here to satisfy your gaming tech, accessories and gamer aesthetic needs. Regularly posting pics of her cool setup and loot, we can only wish our living room was equipped as well for gaming as Sophie’s is!

Sophie Lea Gaming on Instagram and her Gaming Setup


@eopsie is a self declared ‘pastel pink rainbow gamer’. If you see their Instagram feed you’ll know why! If you’re a fan of a pastel-y aesthetic, Eopsie has it in abundance, with a super kawaii gaming setup too.

A Pastel Rainbow Colour Gaming Setup by Eopsie on Instagram


Popsox666 is a local video gamer who you can follow along on her gaming adventures on Twitch - from scary Horror stuff to Lego! You can find her on Instagram too.

Twitch Streamer Popsox666

Cosplay and crafters

Cornwall has a bustling cosplay community - there’s loads of ‘em if you know where to look - under a pile of craft foam or leather, or behind a sewing machine probably! Here’s a few we follow.

No Name Cosplay

@nonamecvosplayuk (Instagram) is a well known figure in the Cornish cosplay community with an ever growing repertoire of top class costumes. She’s judged a fair few competitions in her time too! We particularly like her Mad Hatter and Oogie Boogie!

No Name Cosplay Dressed as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland

I'm Not a Glitch

From anime, to disney princesses and villains and some horror too, @imnotaglitchcosplay on Instagram has an ever growing box of costumes that she's crafting. You can find her on TikTok too.

I'm Not a Glitch Cosplaying as Princess Peach

The Beast Awakens

@beast_awakens (Instagram) is a South West cosplayer with lots of swag and a Batman suit we’re jealous of. Just look at it.

The Beast Awakens Cosplaying as Batman

Desolation Cosplay

Desolation Cosplay (@desolation.cos on Instagram) ‘does that cosplay thing all the cool kids are talking about’ and does it well too! We loved her Inosuke (Demon Slayer) cosplay at Geekfest.

Desolation Cosplay as Inosuke From Demon Slayer

Saatu Cosplay

@saatucosplay has a colour for every occasion and a load of vibrant cosplays to go along with them too! We like CJ's bold style.

Saatu Cosplay as Persephone

Enchanter Lulu

@enchanter_lulu is here to represent the Cornish Critical Role fans and has some cool Dungeons & Dragons cosplays in her bag among other stuff! We love the wings and armour on this Vex'ahlia cosplay!

Enchanter Lulu Cosplaying as Vex'ahlia from Critical Role

The Smokin' Smithy & Cornish Valkyrie

@the_smokin_smithy and @cornish_valkyrie are blacksmiths and leatherworkers who make some amazing Norse/Viking metalwork and custom leather armour - by hand! Just look at it!

A Custom Leather Armour Set made by The Smokin' Smithy and Cornish Valkyrie


Finally, here’s a sprinkling of a few more accounts we follow, to cater for a variety of geeky needs.

Hollyjuice Potion

@hollyjuicepotion is here for the aspiring witches and wizards with an Instagram account full of Potterhead perfection. From her trips to the Warner Bros studios, to her finds out and about, Holly's Instagram feed is a haven for Harry Potter fans. If that's your Jam, Holly has an Etsy store too!

Hollyjuicepotion Looking at Books with a Happy Birthday Harry Hat On

The Distinguished Geek

If you’ve been to a Comicon in the South West you’ve probably noticed this guy walking around with his well kept moustache and waistcoat full of pop culture patches. The Distinguished geek can be found on YouTube, chronicling his convention adventures, alongside other geeky discussion content too.

The Distinguished Geek Logo


Something for the furries! @the_smiler648 (Instagram) is a fursuit maker and artist and, if the name didnt give it away, a huge Alton Towers fan too.

Artwork of a wolf by The_smiler648

Tin Squadron

We’ll finish on a bit of a niche one, but geeky is full of niche stuff, so it seems like a good one to end on!

Tin Squadron is Cornwall’s local X-Wing group. If you don’t know what X-Wing is, it’s a tabletop game where players fly spaceships from the Star Wars universe and battle it out in miniature form.

It’s a good game that we’re not very good at, with a very loyal local group. Sean and Sam religiously upload the Out of the Mines podcast, where you can listen to their game discussions and watch them played on their YouTube channel too, with other team members appearing every now and then too.

A Game of X-Wing Being Played by Members of Tin Squadron

Give 'em some support!

So, there's some geeky Cornish content creators that we follow at Happy Piranha. If you like the sound of them, consider giving them a follow yourself too.

Cornwall's geeky community is a good and growing one, so lets give it some support!


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