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Cornish Clubs - A List of Geeky Groups, Games and Hobby Clubs in Cornwall

It’s the sharing that makes geekdom awesome… or so says John Scalzi (read more about that in our what it means to be a geek blog), either way, we think you get way more out of a hobby when you’re sharing your passion with others, and it's a great way to socialise or learn something new too.

So here’s a list of some local clubs and groups you might want to check out near us in the Cornwall area. There’s actually a fair bit going on in between the open fields and windy beaches… if you know where to look!

It’s by no means a definitive list - so if you know of one that's near us that you think might be worth adding, let us know - whether it's tabletop gaming or crochet, as long as you’re into it, it’s geeky!

If the list evolves, we might sort stuff into groups, but for now…in no particular order...

Wizards and Warlords

  • Where: Truro
  • When: Wednesday & Friday

Wizards and Warlords is one of our local gaming groups in Truro. From Dungeons & Dragons to other TTRPGs and some board games too, they run regular sessions twice weekly.

Tin Squadron

  • Where: Truro
  • When: Thursday

Cornwall’s resident X-Wing squadron, the Tins are your local go-to X-Wing club. Whether you’re interested in trying out the game or a veteran wanting someone to play against, they’re always keen for new members!

Cornwall Dungeons & Dragons

A community for Cornwall D&D fans run by experienced Dungeon Master Alex. If you’re looking for a group or wanting to start your tabletop adventure, here’s a great point of contact to start with. As well as running games himself, Alex can help point you in the direction of a group that suits.

TAGS - Trelawney’s Armies Gaming Society

  • Where: Truro
  • When: Monday

Truro’s wargaming club. Trelawney’s Armies Gaming Society (TAGS) get together weekly to play a variety of tabletop games; from Warhammer, to Star Wars Legion, Marvel Crisis Protocol and many more.

Truro Gaming Club

  • Where: Truro
  • When: Saturday

Truro’s Gaming Club meets every Saturday to hang out and play video games on consoles and PCs so you can play games together (it's more fun that way) in a sociable environment!

Player Ready Coding & Minecraft Club

  • Where: Truro
  • When: Monday & Tuesday

Player Ready's Coding and Minecraft Club teaches kids to code Minecraft and Roblox mods! Your children can learn a constructive tech skill while still focusing on the games they love!

Cornwall Critters

Like the Dungeons & Dragons adventures of Critical Role? Well you’re in good company! The Cornwall Critters are a Cornish community for Critical Role enthusiasts. 

You may see some of them out and about in Cosplay at local conventions and they often hold meet-ups and D&D games too!

Wednesday Night Gaming

  • Where: Camborne
  • When: Wednesday

Wednesday Night Gaming meets - you guessed it - every Wednesday in Camborne. A bunch of gaming enthusiasts, you can find them playing board and card games, roleplaying games and some tabletop miniatures games too. Why not pop along and see what takes your fancy?

Bugle Battle Reps

  • Where: Bugle
  • When: Wednesday

The Bugle based battle reps are a Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar battle report based YouTube channel. They also host weekly learn to play 40K evenings for those new to the hobby.

    Wadebridge Gaming Group

    • Where: Wadebridge
    • When: Tuesday

    Wadebridge Gaming Group is a friendly group of tabletop gamers who meet weekly in Wadebridge, playing a wide variety of board and tabletop games for all tastes and abilities.

    Bude Games Club

    • Where: Bude
    • When: Thursday

    Bude Games Club is a tabletop games group based in Bude that convenes on Thursday evenings to play RPGs and board games.

    Launceston Tabletop Gaming

    • Where: Launceston
    • When: Sunday

    Launceston Tabletop Gaming runs every Sunday with games available to play - or bring your own along too - from board and card games to RPGs and Warhammer.

    Bodmin Gaming Group

    • Where: Bodmin
    • When: Friday

    Bodmin Gaming Group meets every Friday to play all types of tabletop games, including wargames, RPGs, board and card Games.

    Have a group?

    If you have a local group that you think should be added here, let us know!  If you’re from one of the groups on this list and have any other info to share - or a photo of your club to jazz up this page - feel free to send that over too.

    It doesn’t have to be gaming necessarily - anything a group of geeks might gather to enjoy together - whether that’s chess, or gardening!

    If you didn't know, we’re opening a café next door, which we hope will be a space for groups and clubs to convene upon an evening too. If that sounds of interest, fill in our form for updates.

    You can find us on Facebook and Instagram @HappyPiranha, or email us at too!

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