Game of Thrones House Targaryen & Baratheon Mini Espresso Mug Set

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Targaryen & Baratheon Mini-Mug Set

Caffeine make a dragons flame burn brighter and Robert Baratheon always has room for another drink at his feast, even if it's just a little tipple.

This adorable sized espresso mug set features two designs: A black house Targaryen mug with a red dragon crest and the words 'fire and blood' and a yellow house Baratheon mug with the houses stag emblem and the text 'ours is the fury'.

A perfect little present for a Game of Thrones fan who likes a coffee in the morning and if not, they make a great little decoration too!

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Product info

  • 1 x House Targaryen vs House Baratheon mini mug set
  • Contains one house Targaryen and one House Baratheon espresso sized mug
  • Volume: 100ml (per mug)