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How to Play Sushi Go | Board Games Rules & Instructions

How to play Sushi Go, the scrumptious pick and pass card game!

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The aim of the game

To win, you’ll need to score the most points, by collecting complementary sets of sushi over 3 courses.


  • Shuffle the deck and deal out cards depending on the number of players: That’s 10 each in a 2 player game, 9 each for 3 players, 8 for 4 players and 7 each for 5 players.

  • Place the remaining cards face down in the centre of the table.


Sushi Go is played over 3 rounds.

To begin, players simultaneously choose 1 card from their hand to keep, placing it face down in front of them. After choosing, everyone reveals their cards together.

Next, everyone passes their hand to the player on their left and the game continues, building your sushi dinner in front of you.

If you place chopsticks, you may take 2 sushi on a future turn. Play your first card down like normal and before everyone reveals theirs, shout sushi go! Before placing a second one, then return the chopsticks to your hand, to be passed to the next player.

When all cards in your hands have been placed, the round ends and scoring begins.


  • Whoever has the most maki roll icons scores 6 points and second gets 3. If it's a tie for the lead, both players get 3 and no one comes second.

  • Each pair of tempura you collect is 5 points, single tempura score nothing.

  • A set of 3 sashimi scores 10 points, any less scores nothing.

  • The more dumplings the merrier! 1 is worth 1 point, 2 are 3 points, 3 are 6 points, 4 are ten and 5 are 15 points!

  • Squid nigiri is 3 points, salmon is 2 points and egg is 1 point.

  • If you put a wasabi down, the next nigiri you pick is placed on top and its points are tripled. You may only dip one nigiri per wasabi. You may not place wasabi on an already placed nigiri. Wasabi by itself is worthless.

  • Puddings are kept aside until the third round, after which, whoever has the most scores 6 points and the player with the least loses 6. If puddings are tied for most or least, divide the points equally.

    Game End

    After scoring, discard all cards apart from puddings. Deal everyone a new hand from the draw pile and start a new round.

    Whoever has the most points after 3 rounds wins!. In case of a tie, whoever has the most pudding wins!

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