Triforce Wingcrest Coaster: Inspired by the Legend of Zelda

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Triforce Wingcrest - Legend of Zelda Inspired Premium Cork Backed Coaster

Happy Piranha's triforce wingcrest coaster is the perfect protector of coffee tables for gamers, heroes and those that like nice things.  

''The Wingcrest is a depiction of the Triforce above a Loftwing, it serves as the official crest of the Royal Family of Hyrule''

Even though heroes are out doors a lot, you need to have something to put your drinking vessel on when you return to base camp, otherwise you'll have to spend your hard earned rupees on buying a new deku tree wood table.

This high quality, heat pressed and cork backed coaster offers  a quality feel and anti slip solution to brighten up your home.

A thoughtful gift for gamers, geeks and Zelda fans.

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Product info

  • 1x Triforce Wingcrest Coaster.
  • Heat pressed.
  • Cork backed.
  • Anti slip design.

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