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Happy Piranha

The One Candle: A scented candle inspired by my prescious

The One Candle: A scented candle inspired by my prescious

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The One Candle product banner design by Happy Piranha

The One Candle - warming scents of amber and cedar with a hint of patchouli. 

The one true scented candle, forged in the depths of mount doom (Cornwall) by the dark lord Happy Piranha

One candle to rule them all,
One scent to guide them.
One flame to light them all,
And in the darkness find them

Warming, earthy scents of amber, cedar and a touch of patchouli will stir up memories of high fantasy, dark lords and struggles for shiny things.

Th One Candle's lava orange wax topped with golden glitter will leave you hissing....'my prescious' as you bask in the light of its mighty glow.

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About our candles

Happy Piranha's candles are hand forged in our wax works hidden away in dungeons deep and caverns cold on the coast of Cornwall

This generous sized  candle has an average burn time of 35 hours. With a snug lid to keep it fresh for every use and away from pesky hobbitsies!

Product info:

  • 1x The One Candle, inspired by The Lord of The Rings
  • Hand made candle, hand drawn design
  • 62mm high & 78mm diameter
  • Amber, cedar and patchouli scent
  • 35 hour average burn time
  • A snug lid to keep fresh for further use 

Scent Amber, cedar & patchouli
Notes Warming with slight woody and earth notes
Wax Color Lava orange & gold glitter


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