The Lewis Chessmen: Historical Chess and Draughts Set Reproduction

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Lewis Chess & Draughts Set

The Lewis chess and draughts set is an authentic replica of real historical finds.

The chess set is a reproduction of the Lewis Chessmen. The Lewis Chessmen were discovered on the Isle of Lewis in 1832 and conjure images of the feuding lords and Viking invasions of the time. 

The draughts counters are also replicas of original gaming pieces: The crowned mermaid counter is a reproduction of a late 15th Century find from Iona Abbey; the interlaced carving is early 16th Century find from the island of Rhum.

Handmade in the UK out of poly-resin, the pieces were accurately sculpted using 3D laser scans of the original finds, housed in the collections of National Museums Scotland.  

This quality set comes with a 35 x 35 cm printed cotton gaming board, drawstring storage bags and a protective foam-lined display box. The tallest piece (the king) stands at 4 cm tall.

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Product info

  • 1 x Lewis chess and draughts set set.
  • A reproduction of the historical Lewis Chessmen and other finds.
  • Materials: Poly-resin.
  • Foam lined storage box.
  • Dimensions: Tallest piece (king) stands at 4 cm tall.
  • Roll up lined board and corded storage bags included.
  • 2 players.