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Tattoo Phrenology Head Storage Jar

Tattoo Phrenology Head Storage Jar

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Phrenology Head Storage Jar

The phrenology storage jar turns pseudoscience into the every day useful by providing a handy head space to store stuff. 

Available in two sizes - large or small, this moustached phrenology bust rocks some attractive old school style tattoo artwork.

  • The small jar is approximately 16 x 9 x 8 cm - perfect for storing your keys, trinkets and special things.
  • The large jar is approximately 30 x 17 x 19 cm - ample storage space for a variety of items.

Just pop off his suave, tatooed cranium and fill his brain space with your favourite things; whether that's cookies, your hipster beard baubles or jewellery, it's up to you!

He's bound to add some quirky style to any living space and is a handy (or heady) piece of home decor too!

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Product info

  • 1 x Tatooed phrenology head storage jar.
  • Two sizes: Large or small.
  • Material: Clay.
  • Dimensions: 16 x 9 x 8 cm (small) and  30 x 17 x 19 cm ( Large).
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