Space Gate Odyssey Board Game

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Space Gate Odyssey

In Space Gate Odyssey a system of planets viable for human life have just been discovered and the intergalactic confederations are rushing to colonize them.

The future of humanity is at your fingertips in this 2-4 player game as you each take on the role of a confederation leader, working to send as many settlers as possible to a new life among the stars. Develop colonies, manage your space stations modules and use your influence in the command station to make your people come out on top.

How to play?

Space Gate Odyssey will test your ability to develop efficiently and intelligently arrange your space station. The better you optimize the flow of settlers to your station and exoplanets, the more of you can send to the best spots and help grow your influence.

Your choice  and arrangement of modules and distance between airlocks and gates will help build your transportation efficiency and give additional influence points at the end of the game if placed correctly.

However, be careful not to leave too many open corridors on the space void as this can be damaging to your settlers and ruin your reputation. 

  • There's only one way to get to your new home; space gates which can only be built in space. Each of the confederations have begun to construct their own station in Earth's orbit, equipped with these gates.
  • When a colonizing era begins, these portals allow players to send settlers to one of  the first three discovered planets.
  • When an entire contingent of settlers has joined the gate of a space station, it is teleported to the corresponding exoplanet.
  • Landing conditions will vary according to the planets and the choice of colonized spots quickly becomes strategic.
  • When the three exoplanets are fully colonized, each Confederation gains influence according to its placement, then access to one of the two later discovered exoplanets becomes possible.
  • At the end of the colonization of the five exoplanets, the stations are teleported to the Hawking planet and the influence of each Confederation is assessed.
  • The leader of the most influential Confederation will be promoted to the rank of Governor of this new system.

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Product info

  • 1 x Space Gate Odyssey boardgame.
  • 90 minute play time.
  • Age 12 +
  • 2 - 4 players.