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Slytherin Hogwarts House Harry Potter Coaster

Slytherin Hogwarts House Harry Potter Coaster

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Slytherin Coaster

Not learnt the table protection charm yet? Don't worry, this Slytherin coaster will stop your warm drink from spilling, slipping or sliding across the table when feasting in the great hall.

This green, heat pressed and cork backed coaster is decorated with the Slytherin Hogwarts house crest. It will hold your goblet and protect your table with grace and style while you practise potions. 

An awesome little gift for the Slytherin that's as ambitious towards keeping their surfaces clean as they are towards their contempt for Harry Potter himself.

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Product info

  • 1x Slytherin Hogwarts house Harry Potter coaster.
  • Colours: Green and grey.
  • Heat pressed.
  • Cork backed.
  • Anti slip design.
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