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Santa Banter - Christmas Charades Party Card Game

Santa Banter - Christmas Charades Party Card Game

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Santa Banter

You know Obama Llama, the hilarious card game that unites spitting rhymes and charades? Well, it’s got a new member of the family, and it’s FESTIVE!

Put your rhyming trousers on and get ready to guess your way through hundreds of new holiday-charged phrases. One player gets a rhyme to manically charade (take “Santa Claus watching Star Wars”, for example) and the rest have 30 seconds to figure it out - Get it right, get a point.

How to play?

  • Pick up a card and look at the three Christmas rhymes on the back.
  • Your job is to get your team to shout out as many of those rhymes as they can in 30 seconds.
  • For the first round, you have to describe the rhymes without using any of the words on the card.
  • For the second round, you'll have to read them a riddle.
  • For the third round, you'll have to act out the rhymes without saying anything at all.
  • The more rhymes your team get right, the closer you'll be to winning

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      Product info

      • 1 x Santa Banter Christmas party card game.
      • 20 minute play time
      • Age 14 +
      • 4 - 99 players
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