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Sailor Moon - Princess Serenity & Sceptre XL Mug

Sailor Moon - Princess Serenity & Sceptre XL Mug

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Princess Serenity XL Mug

Make your tea time majestic with this snazzy XL sailor moon mug featuring princess serenity on one side and her magical moon shaped sceptre on the other.

This large (460ml) white ceramic mug features princess serenity sitting on one side alongside the Sailor Moon logo and her magical sceptre on the other surrounded by pink sparkles.

A coffee mug fit for a princess as well as an avid fan of the Sailor Moon anime and manga series!

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Product info 

  • 1 x Sailor Moon Princess Serenity and sceptre XL mug
  • King size (460ml)
  • Materials: ceramic
  • Not suitable with microwave and dishwasher (hand wash only)
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