Sailor Moon - Princess Serenity Chibi Heat Change Mug

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Princess Serenity Heat Changing Mug

If you're a kawaii princess looking for a mug, or if you're just a massive sailor moon fan (we know you are), the Princess Serenity heat changing mug is the one for you.

Add a warm drink to the black mug to reveal a colourful, starry background and full moon. One one side features Serenity in her normal form, the other a cute Sailor Moon Chibi version, sitting on a crescent moon.

At 460 ml capacity, it's ironic that this mug is a King size one, because it most definitely radiates anime and manga princess.

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Product info 

  • 1 x Sailor Moon Princess Serenity heat changing mug
  • Design changes when you pour hot liquid.
  • King size (460ml)
  • Materials: ceramic
  • Not suitable with microwave and dishwasher (hand wash only)