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Mazescape Labyrinthos Map Puzzle Game

Mazescape Labyrinthos Map Puzzle Game

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Mazescape Labyrinthos

Mazescape is a fascinating and intriguing game of labyrinths for one player that guarantees intense brain racking moments as you search for the exit. It is a game you can take anywhere and play time and time again to discover all the different nooks and crannies of the seven maps included.

It is a completely unique concept that promises to equally surprise and create headaches in equal measure. In this original game from Devir, you will unfold a map on the table, where you will start at the compass rose with the pointer you will find in the box, moving it along the labyrinth paths marked in white without ever lifting it from the map. You will have to open and close different parts of the map in search of the Impossible Triangle that will allow you to escape the maze. You can go under bridges, climb up ladders and run around in circles in the maze and in your own head until the exit finally leads you to… the next map!

In Mazescape Labyrinthos you will go through three well defined territories, The docks, the graveyard and the mountain. The first of the maps will help you to understand the most essential concepts of the game. Then. from there, they will become progressively more complicated until reaching the final challenge. They also have a bunch of secondary objectives that you can explore to get the very most out of the game.

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  • 1 x Mazescape Labyrinthos map game
  • 5 - 90 minute play time
  • Age 8 +
  • 1 player
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