Lon Lon Ranch Chocolate: Legend of Zelda Inspired Scented Candle

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Chocolate lon lon milk scented candle, inspired by The Legend of Zelda - a freshly baked brownies and strawberry scent! 

Happy Piranha's Chocolate Lon Lon milk scented candle is a tribute to chocolate and Zelda fans alike.

''Located in the center of Hyrule, Lon Lon Ranch is owned by Talon. The ranch raises cuccos, horses, and cows and sells its famous Lon Lon Milk  to the people of Hyrule''.

Chocolate lon lon milk - A delicious chocolate milk that smells like freshly baked brownies with a hint of strawberries! 

Chocolate milk is arguably the best milk, well maybe strawberry, or banana too...oh we don't know! We like all milk and we especially like Lon Lon milk from the legend of Zelda which is why we made this candle.

Happy Piranha's candles are all individually hand crafted in Cornwall to your order.

This generous sized  candle has an average burn time of 35 hours and a  snug lid to keep it fresh for every use.

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Scent  Freshly baked brownies & strawberries
Notes Sweet chocolate and baked goods with a fruity note
Wax Color Brown


Product info:

  • 1x Lon lon ranch chocolate scented candle.
  • Hand made candle, hand drawn design.
  • 62mm high & 78mm diameter.
  • Freshly baked brownies and strawberry scent.
  • 35 hour average burn time.
  • A snug lid to keep fresh for further use.

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