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Hey Yo - The Card Game With a Beat

Hey Yo - The Card Game With a Beat

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Hey Yo!

In Hey Yo: The Card Game with a Beat, you all play cards to a shared music chart so that you can ideally create solid rhythms and score points.

The game includes a small dedicated musical device that you can use to accompany the gameplay, with players needing to play a card when the music indicates.  Alternatively, you can play music of your choice to set the rhythm of play for the game.

If you can't play in time to the rhythm, you're penalized, so you must talk quickly to share information and decide which cards to play.

Hey Yo includes two identical decks of cards, so instead of playing a co-operative game with 2-5 players, you can have 4-10 players split into teams to compete against one another.

Part of the delightfully clever and compact 'Oink' game series, this one is a fun addition to the collection.

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    • 1 x Hey Yo card game.
    • 15 minute play time.
    • Age 8+ .
    • 2 - 10 players.
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