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Embark Board Game

Embark Board Game

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Ahhh...the smell of adventure!

In Embark, you load up boats and send them off to explore mysterious and uninhabited islands to colonise the land and mine its riches.

You'll need to load boats carefully to make sure they set sail while watching out for your opponents warriors - they'll take your jobs!

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    How to play?

    • Players simultaneously assign voyagers to boats and take turns assigning them jobs by placing them into specific berths.
    • When a boat is full, it launches, carrying its voyagers to one of the islands in play, where they'll start getting to work.
    • Explorers explore the island, scoring 1 point per round, and increasing an exploration bonus for the island.
    • Miners collect ore which adds towards an end game bonus.
    • Colonists build farms which are worth a lot of points.
    • Owning the majority of colonists on an island grants the player a bonus too.
    • Captains can do any of the three jobs and warriors displace another voyager and take over their job.
    • After six rounds the game ends, points and bonuses are tallied and the player with the most points wins!

    Product info

    • 1 x Embark board game
    • 30 - 60 minute play time
    • Age 14 +
    • 2 - 5 players
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