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Dragon Magick Mini Oracle Cards - Oracle Card Set

Dragon Magick Mini Oracle Cards - Oracle Card Set

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Dragon Magick Oracle 

Pocket-sized cards filled with life-size inspiration, the Dragon Magick oracle card set calls upon the power of these mystical creatures.

Dragons are wise, strong, protective beings, whose guidance was sought after for thousands of years. Now they are here to enter into a deep and lasting friendship with you!

Bestselling author Lucy Cavendish brings you 55 messages from the dragon realm that will shift energies, clear your path, and inspire you to fly high! Reclaim your connection to lunar dragons, star dragons, and the powerful cleansing energy of dragon fire, and let the presence of these mighty allies help you rise above the mundane to access their wisdom, empowerment and delights.

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  • Dragon magick mini oracle card set.
  • 55 full colour cards.
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