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D100 - One Hundred (100) Sided Spherical Dice

D100 - One Hundred (100) Sided Spherical Dice

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The more numbers the better right? Well this pretty die has 100!

These spherical shaped individual dice is numbered from one all the way up to one hundred.

Perfect for those multiple odds situations or percentage/percentile rolls.

These individual die come in a variety of colours:

  • Black with red numbers
  • Black with purple numbers
  • Black with yellow numbers
  • Black with green numbers
  • Pearl green with white numbers
  • Red with white numbers
  • Blue with white numbers
  • White with black numbers
  • Green with white numbers

Don't forget to select the colour you'd like in the drop down menu.

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Product info

  • 1 x D100 dice
  • Available in several different colour combinations
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