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Circle the Wagons Card Game

Circle the Wagons Card Game

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Circle the Wagons

Circle the wagon's is a rootin' tootin' 2 player card game that has way more strategy and replay-ability than you would think, considering it's 18 cards in a teeny tiny box!

  • Each round you'll flip three of the double sided cards to their objective side, which will dictate how to score bonus points each game.
  • The other cards are placed around the objectives in a circle
  • Take it in turns to draw cards from the circle and place them in front of you to build your own frontier town.
  • If you skip any cards in the circle, your opponent gets them for free, so do so wisely!
  • Cards must be placed so that their territorial boarders line up. You can place cards upside down and overlap them, but not place them on their side.
  • Once all cards have been placed, scoring begins!
  • Players score points for their largest territory of each terrain type (shown by the coloured backgrounds) as well as any bonus objectives they managed to complete.
  • Most points wins!

With a large number of different objective combinations and a different assortment of cards to choose form each time, Circle the Wagons makes f0r a strategic yet fast paced game that's different each time and great for pocket-sized travels!

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    • 1 x Circle the Wagons card game
    • 15 minute play time
    • Age 8 +
    • 2 players
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