Bleach - Ichigo Kurosaki 1:10 Scale Action Figurine

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Ichigo 1:10 Scale Figurine

Ichigo Kurosaki is here for the Bleach fans in 1:10 scale figurine form!

One of the strongest Shinigami around, this figure shows Ichigo in his bankai form, carrying his trusty Zanpakutō sword and wearing his hollow-like mask.

Full of detail, it's a must have figure for fans of the Bleach anime and manga series.

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Product info 

  • 1 x  Bleach - Ichigo Kurosaki 1:10 scale figurine.
  • #32 from the officially licensed Super Figure Collection range.
  • Colourful box with detailed window.
  • Materials: PVC.
  • Colours: Black, white, red and orange.
  • Materials: Approximately 20 cm tall.