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Avoid You Know Who Harry Potter Card Game

Avoid You Know Who Harry Potter Card Game

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Avoid You Know Who

He who shall not be named - we all know who we is and most of us know he's best avoided too. Well, that's the aim of this Harry Potter themed card game.

The objective is to make sure that you're not the muggle left sitting there with the You-Know-Who card - you know, the guy with the grey complexion, crevices for nostrils and an absence of ears - him. VOLDEMORT!

Stored in a cute Deatheater design tin, the 48 full colour cards feature kawaii chibi versions of the Harry Potter cast.

Players collect pairs of matching cards, which are then placed face-up on the table until all pairs have been found. One player, who's left sitting there with old morty, is the loser. 

Poor Voldemort, getting left out of all the party invites all the time. Maybe that's why he's so mad?

A quick and easy game for ages 6 and up.

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Product info

  • 1 x Avoid You Know Who Harry Potter card game.
  • 48 full colour character cards.
  • Handy storage tin.
  • Age 6+.
  • 2+ players.
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