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Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot 78 Card Deck

Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot 78 Card Deck

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Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot

Globally renowned for her iconic fantasy artwork, Anne Stokes is back with another dark and delightful Tarot card set.

This design exudes a Gothic twist to the traditional Rider-Waite-Sith suits; with wands being represented by dragons, cups turning to vampires, swords to angels and pentacles having transformed into skeletons.

This 78 card deck comes with a companion booklet and will help you explore  the magical extents of your imagination as you read from the beautifully illustrated tarot cards.

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Product info

  • 1  x Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot 78 card deck
  • Card dimensions: 12 cm
  • Detailed guide book
  • Art by Anne Stokes
  • Major Arcana: 22
  • Minor Arcana: 56
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