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How to Play Quarto | Board Game Rules & Instructions

How to Play Quarto - a tactical twist on four in a row!

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The aim of the game

In Quarto, there’s 4 different qualities:

  • Tall pieces & short pieces
  • round and square pieces
  • Solid & hollow pieces
  • Light & dark pieces.

To win, you’ll need to make a row of four pieces with a matching quality.

That's 4 tall pieces, 4 short pieces, 4 round pieces, 4 square pieces,  4 dark pieces, 4 light pieces, 4 solid pieces or 4 hollow ones.


To start the game, lay out the board and put the pieces to the side.

Choose a starting player, they pick a piece and hand it to their opponent who must place it on a circle on the board. Then, they pick one for their opponent to place.

Play continues as such until all pieces are used OR a horizontal or diagonal line is formed of 4 pieces with a matching quality.

If you place the piece that makes 4 in a row and shout Quarto, you win!

If you don’t shout quarto, your opponent can before their turn and they win.

That’s Quarto: Pick their pieces and place your ones wisely.


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