Happy Piranha HQ

Sometimes just playing the game or reading the book isn't enough, you want to experience your favourite fandoms in another sense.

There are some things that are too good to end at the turn of the final page, or the switching off of your console. There are some things that need to be celebrated more, because they make you a Happy Piranha.

That's how we feel at least, and that's why we bring your favourite fandoms to life in another sense, creating cute, quirky, inspired designs based on your favourite bookish and geeky things.

Happy Piranha Candle designs

At Happy Piranha our ethos is simple – to work small scale, with big ideas, to create cute, quirky, inspired designs that stand out from the shoal.

We’re a twin project (literally), tucked away on the blustery Cornish coast. Josh gets on with it and I do the talking. It’s always been that way really and it’s worked out just fine so far.

There’s only two minutes between us and over 25 years since. We still don’t agree on who the red spinning top belonged to (it was mine).

Our products are part of a passion. They wind their way from conversations about the things we enjoy, to the ideas they inspire, to Josh’s pen and paper and then onto his computer. If we’re lucky, some make it into the homes of those of you who share the sentiment.

Our candles are hand poured, the scents hand-picked, the designs hand drawn, the labels put on by hand… and then there’s the checking (by hand), the packing (by hand) and the typing –you guessed it – by hand, to bring it all to life. We only have four hands between us, which is both unfortunate, and fortunate and true.

About Josh and Sam

We look sort of similar on the outside, but aren’t that similar on the inside, though we do share a fondness for the same things.

Fantasy, Scifi, adventure, books and gaming are all part of what makes us Happy Piranhas.

Life’s too serious to be taken seriously all the time, so we like to have fun where we can! We grew up with Pokemon, Nintendo, Zelda and Harry Potter - whoever didn’t missed out. We could add a lot more to that list, but it would take a while.

Josh and Sam as Batman
Josh and Sam as Ghostbusters

Josh went to university to study graphic design but didn't like it that much. He decided he'd rather design the things he enjoys instead of the fonts he was told to. I studied marine conservation and liked it a bit more, but didn't see a piranha while diving.

At least our name is nautical so I haven't diverged too far from my studies.

Here's us now dressed as Ghostbusters with our friend. I told him I was coming as Venkman...

Anyway, that's enough about us and what we do and if you've made it this far you should probably get a gold star or something.

But wait...

We've opened a store

Yep, Josh decided to take the plunge and see what the dying high street was all about. We refuse to let it go down without a fight. We remember when going into town used to be fun and not just a necessity.

So, we invite you to come to our old stomping ground, where we used to hang out with that other guy dressed as a Ghostbuster (also called Josh), and other friends when we were growing up, some of whom were also called Josh. It seems Cornwall liked the name Josh in the 90's.

Anyways, you can find us at 8 and 9/12 Pydar street, Truro, Cornwall at Happy Piranha HQ. Bring your childish enthusiasm and leave your real world baggage at the door. Because you're never too old to stop liking what you do. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this - honestly, it means a lot. What makes you a Happy Piranha? Let us know - we always love to hear from you and who knows, it may inspire something new.

The Happy Piranha store in Truro, Cornwall