Ogden's Olde Fire Whiskey: Harry Potter Inspired Scented Candle

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Ogden's Olde Fire Whiskey scented candle, inspired by Harry Potter - warming scents of apple and cinnamon

The Ogden's Olde Fire Whiskey scented candle by Happy Piranha will warm your witch and wizarding cockles. 
''Jet Black Candles Purveyors of the Finest Waxes to the Wizarding & Witching World''!

''This drink was a favorite of Gilderoy Lockhart, He told students of his second year defence against the dark arts class that he wouldn't say no to a bottle for his birthday. Arthur Weasley also insisted on pouring a tipple in tea that he made for Molly Weasley after the 1994 Quidditch world cup riot.'' 

A warming scent of apple and cinnamon - like someone's  just popped the cork on an aged bottle in the Hogg's Head Inn!

Our scented candles are conjured by hand in our magical waxy establishment on the coasts of Cornwall.

This generous sized  candle has an average burn time of 35 hours. With a snug lid to keep it fresh for every use!

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Product info:

  • 1x Ogden's Olde Fire Whiskey scented  candle.
  • Hand made candle, hand drawn design.
  • 62mm high & 78mm diameter.
  • Apple and cinnamon scent.
  • 35 hour average burn time.
  • A snug lid to keep fresh for further use.

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