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How to Play Yogi | Board Game Rules & Instructions

Here's how to play Yogi, the body-bending card game of suppleness and silliness. Essentially, it's Twister in a tin, that's be played at the table!

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Yogi is a body bending card game of suppleness and silliness.

The aim of the game: 

Turn over as many cards in front of you as possible, without breaking any of their rules.

Yogi has two card types:

  • A green card will give you a body instruction, for example: Right thumb pointing down, or… right index finger touching nothing.
  • A red card will give you an instruction involving a card , for example this card must go on the back of your left hand.

To Play the game:

Go around the circle in a clockwise order, taking it in turns to draw a card and perform the action on it.

  • You must abide by these instructions the entire game, even when picking up new cards.
  • You only need to follow your own instructions, not everyone else’s.
  • If you or another player are spotted breaking any of your own rules, you’re out!

Go round the circle, taking it in turns to draw a card and abiding by the rules.

The most accomplished contortionist (the player who collects the most cards) wins the game!

For more complex challenges, you can try Yogi Guru, or add it to your existing deck for more madness.

That’s Yogi: Simple, silly, supple fun in a tin!

Sound like fun?
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