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How to Play Wavelength | Board Game Rules

How to Play Wavelength,  the hot and cold guessing game!

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The aim of the game

In Wavelength, you’ll need to read your teammate’s mind, moving the dial as close as possible to the centre of the target on a spectrum that’s hidden behind a screen!

Only one player knows where the dial is. All they can do is give a clue between two opposing concepts.


  • Place the dial in the slot in the middle of the box. 
  • Insert the left team marker at 0 on the scoring track and the right team at 1.
  • Put the guessing marker in the left slot.
  • Split into 2 teams and pick one person on each to be the Psychic.
  • The team that goes first starts on 0.


    A turn goes as follows:

    1. To begin, team’s psychic closes the dial cover so no one else can see it.

    2. Next they pick a  wavelength card, choose a  side to use and place it in the slot for everyone to see.

    3. Then, they spin the wheel, to randomise the target’s location, keeping the cover shut.

    4. When finished, the psychic turns the box to face them and takes a peek at where the target is, without anyone else seeing!

    5. Now, they give a clue that they think fits where the target is on the spectrum, between the concepts on the card.

    6. Finally, close the screen and turn the device back to face everyone else.

    Now the psychic’s team must read their mind, by using the dial to place the marker where they think the target is.

    The team can discuss and move the dial as much as they like until declaring a final decision, but the psychic must remain silent.

    Afterwards, the opposing team has a chance to score, by guessing if the centre of the target is to the left or the right of where the dial has been placed and placing the guessing marker to that side.

    Finally, reveal the dial!

    • If the pointer is on target, the psychic’s team scores the number of points relative to where it landed.
    • If the opposing team guesses if the centre of the target is to the left or right of the pointer correctly, they score 1 point too.

    Move your team’s scoring marker to indicate the points scored, pick a new Psychic and start another round.

        Game End

        First to ten points wins the game!

        In the case of a tie, play another round until a single team is ahead.

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