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How to Play Sounds Fishy | Board Game Rules & Instructions

How to Play Sounds Fishy - The game of red herrings.

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The aim of the game

In Sounds Fishy, you’ll be trying to reel in the questioner with your lie; tempting them with a slippery red herring, or convincing them the true blue kipper is just bait.


  • Pick a  guesser and give them the stack of question cards with the blue answer facing down.
  • Take an amount of fish equal to the number of remaining players, making sure they’re all red herrings apart from one - the true blue kipper.
  • Serve them at random to each other player, face down so that the colour can't be seen.
  • Take a peek at your little  fishy, but don’t let the guesser see!


Each round the guesser draws a question, holds it up with the blue answer facing away from them, so everyone else can see and reads it aloud.

Then, everyone has 15 seconds to craft a fishy little answer.

  • Red Herrings must attempt to make the guesser think their lie is the truth.
  • The True Blue Kipper must give the answer on the back of the card, while making it sound suspicious.

Now the guesser goes to work, trying to sort the fishy facts from fiction. Going around the table they must eliminate red herrings, flipping over fish one by one.


If you're the guesser:
  • For every red herring you catch, score 1 point.
  • Catch all the red herrings, without turning over the true blue kipper and score 1 bonus point.
  • If the blue kipper lands in your net, you score nothing at all!
If you’re a frightened fisherman, you can stop guessing and bank the points of your measly little haul.

If you're a fish:

  • Red Herrings score 1 point for every fish flipped, including the Kipper.
  • However, if your fish gets flipped, you score nothing.
  •  The True Blue Kipper is the opposite - they gain 1 point for every un-flipped fish on the table. If they don’t get flipped, they score nothing.

Game End

After scoring concludes, pass the cards clockwise to a new guesser and start a fresh round.

  • In a 4-5 player game, everyone guesses twice.
  • In a larger game, everyone guesses once.
  • If you want to fish for longer, go ahead!

Whoever has the most points at the end wins!

That’s Sounds Fishy.

Navigate a sea of lies, while polluting it with your own, to become the master fisherman.


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