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How to Play Quoridor | Board Game Rules & Instructions

How to play Quoridor, the wooden game of walls.

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The aim of the game

To win, Get to the other side of the board before your opponent.


  • Pick a colour.
  • Place your pawn along the start line closest to you.


On your turn you can either:

  • Move forward, backwards left or right, one space.
  • Lay a wall like this to block your opponents.

Placement rules:

  • You can only move one space.
  • You can’t move diagonally.
  • You can’t jump over walls, but you can jump over your opponent.
  • You can’t lay a wall on its tall side, or in between the black squares, they must align fully.
  • You can’t block your opponent off completely - you must leave a space

For four players, starts on each of the four ends of the board

First to the opposite side wins!

That Quoridor,  wall to wall fun!

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