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How to Play Qawale | Board Game Rules

How to Play Qawale - The towering take on 4 in a row.

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The aim of the game

To win, you’ll need to place four of your coloured pebbles in a row, when viewed from above.


  • Layout the board.

  • Place two tan coloured pebbles in a stack on each of the four corners.

  • Pick a colour to play and take the 8 pebbles of your colour.

  • Choose a starting player.


In Qawale. players take it in turns to add one of their pebbles on top of any stack and then move it. 

A stack is a space with one or more pebbles on.

When moving a stack, you must leave a pebble on each space you pass, starting with the adjacent place.

Each pebble must be placed orthogonally adjacent to the previous one. 

You must place pebbles starting from the bottom of the stack and ending with the one you put  on top.

  • Diagonal placement is not allowed.
  • You may only place one stone per space.
  • You cannot backtrack to a space you’ve passed, unless you circle back around to it.

Game End

The First player to make a straight or diagonal line of four pebbles in their colour, when viewed from above, wins!

If both players use up all their stones, it’s a draw!

That’s Qawale - pretty pebbles placed in a row!


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