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How to Play P for Pizza | Board Game Rules & Instructions

How to Play P for Pizza - the fast-paced game of little  wordy wedges.

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The aim of the game

Collect enough pizza slices to build your pizza pyramid!


  • Place your stack of pizza slices in the centre of the table, with the side showing categories and colours face up.

  • Place three triangles around the pile, one off of each edge of the stack, this time with the letter side facing up.


    In P for Pizza you’re racing against your opponent to shout of a word of the corresponding letter, to the subject that it is touching in the centre stack. Whoever says a word that matches a category it is touching first wins a slice.

    You’ll use the slices that you win to build your pizza pyramid. First person to complete their pyramid wins!

    Each subject has a colour, this indicates it’s difficulty - green being easy, orange medium and red hard.

    • If you win a slice by shouting out a green category, you can only use it to make the bottom of your pyramid.
    • Orange categories can be used to make both the middle and bottom levels.
    • Red categories can be used to build any level of your pyramid - you’ll need one to build the top!

    As the game goes on, you’ll be forced to win slices by shouting out more difficult words.

    Once you’re set up and ready to go, remove the top card from the centre stack and get ready to rack your brains for words at short notice - which is often a lot harder and more hilarious than you think!

    So that’s P for Pizza - a fun little wedge of a party game that will add a slice of entertainment to your table for 2-4 players!

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