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How to Play Muffin Time | Board Games Rules & Instructions

Here's how to play Muffin Time, the chaotic card game that'll make you hate your friends!

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The objective of  muffin time is simple - start the round with exactly ten cards in your hand. 

Unfortunately, your friends (for now) are here to make your life difficult.

Muffin time has three card types:

Red cards are traps - lay these down in front of you and flip them over to engage their effect when another player activates them.  
  • You can have a maximum of three traps down at a time.
  • Trap cards In front of you do not count towards your hand.
  • If you have three traps down and want to lay a new one, you must discard one from in front of you .
Blue cards are action cards. Read these ou aloud so everyone can hear - they can help disrupt other players, get cards, or both!  

Green cards are counter cards and can be played at any time and on anyone’s turn.  These are for interrupting other players actions as described on the card. 

The only exception are mini games, these can’t be countered, because that’s no fun!

To start the game:

  • Deal three cards to each player and place a draw pile in the centre.
  • The person who suggested playing goes first
  • Then take it in turns in whatever direction you like, because… who cares right? Nothing in life matters anyway, according to the rule book.

On your turn you can do the following: 

  • First, if you wish, lay one trap card at the start of your turn. Remember the limit in front of you is 3.
  • Next, either use an action card - read it aloud and discard it once finished OR draw one card from the draw pile 

To win the game:

Whenever you have exactly 10 cards in your hand, shout ITS MUFFIN TIME, so everyone knows you are about to win and will try their best to stop you.

If, after doing so, you start a turn with 10 cards in your hand still, you win!

If you fail to shout it’s muffin time, you idiot, your victory won’t count, and you’ll have to wait another turn after shouting it, while feeling pretty silly.

 And that's it!

So, that's muffin time, the crazy card game that will make you fall out with all your friends and is good for a party 

mmm muffins...


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