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How to Play Kluster | Board Game Rules

Here's how to play Kluster - the magnificent magnetic dexterity game!

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Kluster consists of a rope marker and 24 strong, shiny magnets.

The aim of the game: 

Place all of your magnets into the roped area before anyone else does.

To set up:

Place the rope out and share the magnets equally between each player.

To play the game:

Starting with the shortest player, take it in turns to place one of your magnets into the middle.

  • If, when placing a magnet, it causes other magnets to cluster together, you must pick them up.
  • When placing a magnet, you may use it to push other magnets around the area.
  • If magnetically moving another magnet makes the rope marker move too, that's fine
  • If you want to be daring, you can try placing magnets on their side.

Try to make your opponents cluster and be the first player to get all of your magnets from your hand and into the middle to win the game!

That's Kluster, simple rules and magnetic gameplay for 1-4 players!

Sound like fun?
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