How to Play Herd Mentality | Board Game Rules

How to Play Herd Mentality | Board Game Rules

How to Play Herd Mentality - A bovine game about blending in.

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The aim of the game

To win, you’ll need to collect 8 tokens, by giving the same answers as everyone else.


  • Place the paddock in the centre. Fill it with cow tokens and place the pink cow on top.

  • Make a pile of questions.

  • Give each player a pad and pencil.

  • Choose a questioner - they’ll do the reading.

Gameplay & Scoring


To start the game, the questioner reads aloud a question. Then all players write an answer to it on their pad.

The goal is to write the same answer as everyone else, using that bovine brain of yours to not stand out.

When everyone’s ready, go around the paddock, reading out your answers.

  • If your answer matches the majority, win a token.
  • If it doesn’t, win nothing.
  • If the majority is tied, no one wins a token.
  • If one player’s answer is the odd one out, they must take the pink cow.

If you have the pink cow, you can’t win the game, you can still collect tokens though. When a new player is the odd one out, give them the pink cow.

Game End 

First player to collect 8 tokens and NOT have the pink cow, wins!

If two players finish at the same time, it’s the first to 9 and so on.

That's herd mentality - the game where the aim is to use your brain to be like everyone else.


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