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How to Play Crack List | Board Game Rules & Instructions

How to Play Crack List - where Uno meets Categories

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The aim of the game

To win, you’ll need to be the first player to get rid of all of your cards.


The blue deck is the game deck, consisting of letters and actions. The red are category cards.

To setup:

  • Shuffle the red and blue decks
  • Give each player 8 blue cards face down
  • Place the remaining cards in 2 piles (one red, one blue).

The youngest player turns over a red card, chooses a category and play begins!


In Crack List, players take it in turns in a clockwise order, to either:

  • Shout out a word that fits the category on the table, using one of the letters in their hand.
  • OR playing an action card and placing it in front of them.

You have 20 seconds per turn. If you fail, shout a wrong answer, or ones that’s already been used, draw another card. You fool!

Some letters are hard - if you successfully play one, force other players to draw the number of cards shown in the centre. You can distribute these as you wish.

Action cards have special abilities: 

  • If you play a stop card, the next player skips a turn.
  • A reverse card changes the direction of play.
  • The swap card lets you swap either 1 card OR your entire hand with another player. If this is your last card, you hand someone else the victory!
  • The Joker counts as any letter - don’t forget to hand out cards for hard ones.
  • The Crack list card lets you turn over a new category and pick one, before passing your turn, You can not play this as your last card.

If all players get stuck on a category, turn over a new one - the player who picked previously chooses again.


    Game End

    First player to lay down all of their cards, wins!

    That’s Crack List, the quick-fire category game.


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