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How to Play Bucket of Doom | Board Game Rules

Here's how to play Bucket of Doom, a hot pink bucket of awkward situations and random objects to wangle your way out of them with!

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The aim of the game

In bucket of Doom, you’ll need to concoct the best escape plans from a host of awkward situations, using just one item form your hand, in order to win doom cards.


To start the game, hand out 8 object cards to each player. These cards are double sided, you can play with either the black or the white sides.

Pick a player to read out the first Doom Card so that everyone can hear.

Now it’s everyone's turn to craft the most ingenious. Dastardly or funny escape plan possible, using just one of the objects from the cards in your hand to help you.

When the proverbial hits the fan, time is on the essence, so stuff manners - as soon as you’ve come up with your just plan blurt it out to any unfortunate ear holes nearby.

Game End & Scoring

After everyone has  screeched, shouted, bumbled their way through or simply explained their escape plan, it's time to vote. 

Each player must pick what they think the best escape plan is. Don’t vote for yourself, you narcissist.

The player with the most votes wins the Doom Card. If it's a tie, the person who read the card has the final decision.

Discard your object card you used that round and draw a new one to replace them.

The first to collect three Doom Cards wins!

For extended social awkwardness and a longer game, you can change the amount of cards needed to win to whatever you like.

That’s Bucket of Doom


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