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How to Play Barenpark | Board Game Rules & Instructions

Here's how to play Barenpark, the bear-y fun tile laying game!

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The aim:

Builder of the best scoring bear zoo wins!

Set Up

  • Place the tile board and stack up the tiles on their corresponding locations, with the highest values on top and in descending order below.
  • Place the bear statues in numerical order nearby.
  • The number of tiles and statues you will need depends on the number of players - check the rule book and player board to confirm..
  • Make a stack of spare park tiles.
  • Give each player a park entrance at random, and place it with the entrance closest to you.
  • The starting player is the one who last visited an animal park.
  • The first player takes a single square toilet tile, the second player a 2 square playground tile and the rest a 3 square food tile.


Players take it in turns to place a single tile from their reserve into their park, aiming to optimise placement to score as many points as possible.

Tile placement

  • After your 1st tile, new tiles must touch an existing tiles edge.
  • Tiles may cover more than one park area.
  • You can rotate tiles any way you wish.
  • You may not place a tile so that it covers a statue spot.
  • You may not overlap tiles.
  • Tiles must fit in your park area.

If you cannot place a tile, you must skip your turn - take a green area tile and place it in your reserve.

Covering an icon

When placing a tile into your park, you may cover up one or more icons.

  • Covering a wheelbarrow lets you take a tile from the first section into your reserve.
  • A Cement mixer lets you take a tile from the first or second section.
  • A digger lets you take a tile from any section.

If an area runs out of tiles, too bad!

If you cover up more than one Icon, you can take the number of tiles, relative to the icons you cover.

Park tiles & Statues

If you place a tile so that it covers a workers icon, you may pick a new park tile from the top of the stack, and add it to your park.
  • You may have up to 4 park tiles in total.
  • Park tiles must fully align with one another.
  • All icons in the park area must face the right way up in front of you.
  • You may not place a park tile below your entrance tile

If you fully cover a park tile, take the highest value statue and place it on that tiles statue spot.

Game End and Scoring

When a player fully covers all the spaces in their park, made up of 4 park tiles, the game ends and every other player gets one last go.

Total up all of your points including:

  • The enclosures in your zoo, and Your bear statues.
  • The player with the most points wins!
  • In case of a draw, the player with the most points of tiles in their reserve wins.

Advanced rules

For extra challenge, add in three of the ten achievement tiles at random. 

  • Place the 3 tiles for each of the 3 achievements in a stack , with the highest value on top and lowest on bottom. 
  • For 2 player games, remove the lowest value tile of each.

If you complete any of the three objectives while playing, take the top objective tile from the stack.

You may only claim each different objective once.

At the end of the game, add the objective tiles you claimed to your points total!


Sound like fun?
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