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3 Wise Words | Board Game Rules & Instructions

How to play 3 Wise words, the game where birds of a feather think together...and winners.

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The aim of the game

To win, you’ll need to write clever clues that will guide your teammate to the secret word, without your opponents guessing them.


  • Split into teams of 2 or more.
  • Lay out the track.
  • Take an owl for each team and place it at the start. 
  • Put out the die and make a stack of secret words cards.
  • Each team takes a pencil and a pad.
  • Finally, pick a team to start.


On their turn, a team picks a writer and a guesser.

The guesser closes their eyes. The writer turns over a secret word card and rolls the die  to determine a word of the matching colour.

Once everyone else has seen the word, turn the card over and the guesser opens their eyes. 

Now the writer must write just 3 one word clues on their pad, to help the guesser identify the secret word.

  • Clues words cannot contain the secret word.
  • Clues cannot be the same word in another language.

Meanwhile, the opposing team will aim to read the writer's mind, attempting to write down the same clues that they did.

When everyone’s ready, the writer reads out their clues. The guesser has just 1 guess at what the secret word is. 

Next, the opposing team reveals the clues that they wrote down, to see if any match.

  • If the guesser gets the word right, their team keeps the card and scores 2 points. They also get 1 point for every clue the opposing teams fail to predict. Opposing teams score 1 point for each clue they guess.
  • If the guesser gets the word wrong, their team scores nothing. Opposing teams score 2 points, plus one for every clue they guessed.

Finally move your owls along the track equal to the points scored.

 Then, Round 2 begins and the next team picks a guesser and writer.

Game End & Scoring

First team to reach the end of the track wins!

In case of a draw, the team who guessed the most secret words wins.

That's 3 wise words-  a hoot of a game for 4 plus players!  


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