Zelda Ocarina Necklace

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Zelda Ocarina Necklace

You don't want to get cut short at the Door of Time and turn up only to realise that you've gone and forgotten your ocarina. Keep it safe and sound around your neck.

This cute little necklace features a replica ocarina from the Zelda series - an important item in 'The Ocarina of Time' and 'Majora's Mask' games.

The adjustable cord strap also has a metal Zelda tag on it, while the blue ocarina features gold and silver Triforce detailing.

A cute little pendant for anyone who's a fan of Nintendo's Zelda series.

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Product info

  • 1 x Zelda ocarina pendant necklace
  • Adjustable cord strap
  • Comes in a clear fronted black Zelda box