You've Got Crabs Card Game

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You've Got Crabs Core Game - a game of deception, intrigue, friendship, tartar sauce and secrecy

From the creators of the popular Exploding Kittens and Bears vs Babies comes another fast to learn and fun to play party card game, this time it's all about crabs!

Team up in pairs and collect crabs, when you've caught a full set you need to communicate this to your partner via your agreed secret signal.

If your partner does the secret signal you'll need to shout 'YOU'VE GOT CRABS!'. If you do, you get points, if another team notices and shouts it before you, you lose points.

A hilarious team game with ample opportunity for deception. Having crabs has never been so enjoyable. 

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Video by Exploding Kittens LLC

Product info

  • Suitable for ages 7+
  • 4-10 Players (Team Based)
  • 20 Minutes to Play
  • Includes 78 Cards and a cute box with storage draws
  • Cooperative play