Wizard's Brew: Caramel Infused Fresh Ground Coffee

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Wizard's Brew - caramel infused fresh ground coffee 

A wizard needs a good, full bodied brew for those late nights and early mornings in their magical tower.

This Fresh ground, artisan roasted coffee is infused with caramel, giving it a delicious smell and caramel undertones. It can be enjoyed as is, with a couple of scoops in a cafetiere or - if you like it extra sweet, it also goes well with your favourite flavoured syrups. 

The coffee beans are 100% Brazilian origin (from the Minas region) and are soaked in caramel to give them a distinctive flavour and roasted here in the UK.

A full bodied medium roast forms a heavy, earthy bodied coffee, infused with a subtle caramel flavour. 

You deserve a good brew after all the hard work making magic.

Product info

  • 1 x Bag of Wizard's Brew caramel infused coffee
  • Net weight 227g
  • Chemical and alcohol free.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Ingredients: Coffee beans, caramel sugar, caramel flavouring. May contain traces of nuts.
  • Test tube and spoon not included (display purposes only)

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