Witches' Familiars Oracle Card set

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Witches' Familiars

The Witches' Familiars oracle card set evokes the mystery of the creatures that are often called upon as magical companions.

Each card in this oracle deck aims to connect the reader to the familiar's intrinsic qualities, to bring about change and positivity.

From well known animals to other-worldly beings, this set comes with 48 full-colour cards and a 110 page guidebook to get you started on harnessing the power of the familiars.

Th guide book contains sample spreads, easy to remember invocations, a detailed reading and practical tips about familiars.

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Product info

  • 1 x Witches' Familiars oracle card set
  • 48 full-colour, gilded edged cards
  • 110 page guide book