Wing Nut Pencil Sharpener

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Wing Nut Sharpener - classic engineering gets the simple jobs done best 

Without the humble Wing Nut there's a lot of industrial history that wouldn't be held together. Now it can sharpen your pencils too.

Wingnuts were designed to be easily turned and tightened by hand. That same principle gives this pencil sharpener unparalleled ease of operation.

A symbol of our industrial and creative heritage in a time of modern technology, this chrome plated, solid metal sharpener knows that some things are best done by hand.

Pick up your pencils, pick up one of these and get good ol' creative.

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Product info

  • 1x Wing Nut Pencil Sharpener
  • Solid metal, chrome plated
  • Classic, ergonomic design
  • For best results, use with unsharpened pencils
  • 5.1cm x 2.2cm x 2 cm