When I Dream Board Game

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When I Dream

Night has fallen and you've entered the land of dreams. You're fast asleep however, the Dream Spirits want to have some fun... they're making your dreams turn pretty surreal!

In When I Dream, players take it in turns to put on their sleeping mask and figure out the good dream spirits from the naughty ones.

Players who are good spirits must aid the Dreamer by giving them clues to help them guess what their dreams are about. Those playing as naughty spirits are striving to make them guess wrong, and those who are playing as the sandman must aim to strike a balance between both.

When I dream is an easy to learn party game for all ages that's full of laughs from the get go. Whether you're the dreamer, a good spirit, or a bad one, each role has its own unique challenges and each time you play is shaped by the extent of your imagination, making every play-through a new experience to remember.

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How to play?

  • At the beginning of each round, one player takes the role of the Dreamer and covers their eyes with the sleep mask.

  • The other players are secretly dealt their role cards which determine whether they are good or bad spirits, changing sides as the game goes on.

  • A round lasts 120 seconds. Each round spirits draw dream cards that depict a specific part of the dream and describe them to the dreamer using one word each.

  • The dreamer must guess what is on the dream card. If they guess correct, it goes to the side of the team playing good spirits. If the guess is wrong, the card is won by the naughty spirits.

  • At the end of the round, the Dreamer and the good spirits get a point for every card guessed correctly. The naughty spirits get one point for every card guessed incorrectly. The tricksters get points according to how well balanced the two teams were.

  • The dreamer must use the words they guessed to re-tell their dream as a story for extra points, before they can take off their mask and enter back into the land of the awake.

Product info

  • 1 x When I Dream board game
  • 20 - 40 minute play time
  • Age 8 +
  • 4 - 10 players