Warlock Tiles: Dungeons & Dragons Accessory - Marketplace

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This box of Dungeons and Dragons and tabletop gaming accessories by Warlock Tiles features a hustling, bustling marketplace, ready to add some atmosphere to your table in a flash!

This set of detailed, modular and pre-painted miniatures comes with a variety of vendors and produce, crates, a stall, kart and even a fountain, gallows, executioner, well and bell to add some extra detail to any fantasy or medieval style town or village.

Perfect for adding some detailed extras to your Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons game and help flesh out the world for your other minis to be in.

A bargain at this price too!

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Product info

  • Warlock Tiles: Dungeons & Dragons Accessory - Marketplace
  • 24 pre-painted miniatures
  • Modular options
  • Perfect for DnD, Pathfinder and other table top roleplaying games