Unicorn Farts Scented Tealights Six Pack

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Unicorn Farts scented tealight pack. Six majestic scents by Happy Piranha  

Happy Piranha's unicorn farts tealight six pack  is a sparkly selection of delightful smelling trumps.   

We all know that unicorn farts are not like any mere mortal creatures wind, because they are the most mythical and majestic creature of them all. Unicorns fart pure joy.

Happy Piranha have captured six sumptuous varieties of unicorn fart in solid waxy form for you to burn at will. Release these flamboyant smells into your princess castle, enchanted vale or humble home!

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Scents include 

  • Glitterberry - from the magical forest.
  • Rose Petals - a courtly aroma.
  • Rhubarb and Custard - dessert fit for a princess.
  • Freshly Stomped Grass - summer satisfaction.
  • Chocolate and Strawberry - it's chocolate...and strawberry.
  • Double Bubblegum - pop it!

Treat yourself you special prince or princess, or buy them for an equally majestic mate!

About our candles

Our scented tealights and candles are hand poured in our enchanted candle kingdom on the magical Cornish coast. 

Product info

  • 1x Unicorn Farts scented tealight 6 pack
  • Hand poured tealights, hand drawn design
  • 6 unique scent combinations
  • 1x Scent card to inform you what you're sniffing

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